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OLAF’s director visited Bulgaria

Director-general of European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) – Mr Franz-Herman Bruner came to Bulgaria for a two-days-working visit. The visit is related to Bulgarian efforts for transparent assimilation of…

Bulgaria is a full member of the European Institute of Public Administration board

The government approved a project for annex to Collaboration Agreement between Bulgaria and EIPA – European Institute of Public Administration. EIPA is the leading centre of European learning and development…

Unemployment drop in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is on the second place among EU state members for reduction of the unemployment during last year. At the present moment its rate is about 5.7 % while in June, 2007 it was almost 7 %. This result…

Investigation department may become subordinate to Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office

The purpose is to increase the inquest function of Prosecutor’s Office. Another idea is to transfer the examining magistrates to the Prosecutor’s office without conducting a competition. It is also…

Judicial acts of Bulgarian courts - overt till September

The Supreme Judicial Council resolved that administrative leaders of courts with lack of computer program dealing with cases management should take serious measures to introduce such. The proposal was…

€ 75 milliards EUR are expected to be Bulgarian export within 2018

Bulgarian export policy for the period 2008-2013 foresees a set of measures that would extend export’s capacity to 75 milliards EUR till 2018. Export is likely to begin outnumbering import in 2014.…

Bulgaria joined a fraud fight agreement between EU and Switzerland

The Bulgarian Ministry Council decided that Bulgaria shall adhere to the abovementioned agreement. Its main purpose is to increase mutual and administrative legal assistance in the following areas: fraud…

Proposals for new Criminal Code in Bulgaria

All participants in round-table talk with subject “Action of the new Criminal Code - monitoring, conclusions, legislation amendments necessity” stated that a new properly working Criminal Code is…

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