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Public council improves the Trade register

Several business organizations united and founded a Public council for company registration to work together and try to improve the Trade register administration as announced yesterday by the Bulgarian…

New passports with a microchip – 4 times more expensive

The new passports shall be 4 times more expensive than the present ones. Passports with a microchip will be issued at the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year. The issuance should have…

The Government accepted the bill of a new Family code

The Government approved the new Family Code bill. The matrimonial contract and factual marital cohabitation is regulated for the first time in the Bulgarian law. The factual marital cohabitation between…

The Health Insurance Act passed second readings

From 1st of July, 2008 pensioners will pay 1 lev consumers’ tax for medical examination and for one day stay in a hospital. The rest of tax - 2,20 leva, shall be paid by the state budget. Authors of…

The Government submits for ratification two agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for improvement of the justice system in Bulgaria

The Government endorsed the signed on the 19th of September, 2007 agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for extradition and legal help in criminal cases and offered the National Assembly to ratify them.…

The Parliament discussed decrease of the VAT for medicines

The National Assembly discussed on today’s session on first readings two bills proposing changes in the Value Added Tax Act which stipulate decrease of the VAT for medical goods. Now the tax stake on…

Bulgarian Registry Agency

One of the newest changes concerning the Bulgarian trade legislation is the establishing of a centralized Bulgarian Registry Agency. The agency’s trade register started functioning on form the 01.01.2008…

1,1% is the inflation for February

The index of the consumers prices for February 2008 in comparison with January is 101,1%, meaning that the inflation is 1,1%. The average growth of the consumers’ prices from the beginning of the year…

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