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Drastic tax increase for old cars in Bulgaria

The municipal tax for old cars and extremely powerful new automobiles shall be increased drastically from next year as foreseen by the bill for the new Energy Efficiency Act which will automatically change…

5 000 BGN fine for a fag on a Bulgarian street

5000 BGN fine shall be paid by smokers who throw their cigarettes on the street. The new public order regulation foreseeing this sanction is expected to be approved by the Municipal Council till the end…

Minimal pension in Bulgaria – 113.49 BGN

From the 1st of July the minimal pension for practice and age shall be 113.49 BGN. The Parliament refused a proposition from the Democrats for Free Bulgaria party the minimal pension to be increased with…

Unemployed in Bulgaria shall receive social reliefs for one year

The parliament passed the amendments in the Social Relief Act by which accepted that the term for receiving reliefs from unemployed people shall be only one year. Until now the term for receiving social…

Unconscientiously delay of court cases in Bulgarian courts shall be terminated with a special act

Members of the Supreme Judicial council were in Bruxelles last week. The chairman of the Commission for international legal collaboration to the Supreme Judicial council – Ivan Dimov - is convinced…

Auditors for independent financial control in Bulgaria shall be entered in a public register

The auditors that do independent financial audit shall be entered in public register according to the approved by the Ministry Council propositions for amendments in the Independent Financial Audit Act.…

The new Family code in Bulgaria, part 2

The factual marital cohabitation shall have its legal matter in stipulated in law occasions. Otherwise said there are going to be further changes in other acts to make the factual marital cohabitation…

For the very first time in Bulgaria the Prenuptial agreement stipulated in the new Family code

The new Bulgarian Family code foresees that there shall be 3 types of marital common property. The first one is already stipulated in the Family code. The second separates the marital common property.…

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