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Migration Agency proposed to be founded in Bulgaria

The establishment of a Migration Agency is one of the 15 proposals made by the Migration Policy Improvement Economic Council. According to the Economic and Social Council the new Migration Agency should…

The European Commission officially presented reports for Bulgaria and Romania

The EC withdraws accreditations of two PHAR Agencies and stops ISPA infrastructural projects financing. The reports issued due to EU requirements of control and collaboration mechanism were presented…

A new No-Smoking Act prepared by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health

According to the newly prepared bill by the Ministry of Health smoking is only allowed on the street, at home and in special rooms in the office. Amendments in the Health Act foresee to forbid smoking…

Bulgaria has entirely harmonized its legislation to that of the EU

Bulgaria is the only one state member of the EU who has achieved 0% deficit introducing inner market EU directives. Bulgaria is the first state member that has ever obtained such a result incorporating…

A new project prepared by the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office

A new Prosecutor’s Office project called “Prosecutor’s office face to face with society” was presented to a press conference. The project’s costs are about 53 000 BGN. It was executed by the…

USA State Secretary Condoleezza Rise - on a visit in Bulgaria

USA state secretary Condoleezza Rise has visited Bulgaria as a part of her four-day tour. The tour started from The Czech Republic, then Bulgaria and finishes in Georgia. Rise has met with influential…

The first Balkan conference takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria

The first Regional Conference for Collaboration and Stable Balkan Progress was conducted in Sofia on the 4th of July. Bulgaria was represented by the Minister of European Matters - Gergana Grancharova.…

Compulsory referendum shall be hold if Bulgarians gather 350 thousand signatures

A newly prepared bill for direct participation of Bulgarian citizens in state government shall stipulate that a national referendum could be initiated if gathered 150 thousand signatures from citizens…

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