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Bulgaria, Russia Sign 8 Memoranda during Putin's Visit

he close cooperation between Russia and Bulgaria can only be good for the Bulgarian economy, especially as the Russia economy is growing bigger and relationships between Russia and the US and UK have…

Bulgaria Unharmed by Global Credit Crisis

In many parts of the world homeowners have a reason to fear the credit crisis which overtook the world. However, this does not apply for Bulgaria. Due to the investments of Eastern Europeans and the increased…

Bulgaria - a place of style and culture

After its acceptation to the European Union Bulgaria started to develope as a small, but boutique and exciting new place for tourists. In its February issue Quest Bulgaria, the leading specialist English…

Bulgaria Lawmakers Pass Flat Tax Reform

Bulgaria's parliament passed on second reading on Monday the amendments introducing a flat tax rate in the country. Despite extensive criticism from the opposition and trade unions, the Socialist-led…

Bulgaria Eager to Join Caspian Oil & Gas Transport Corridors

On September 10 Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivailo Kalfin outlined the country‚Äôs goals to join transport corridors for Caspian oil and gas. Kalfin spoke in the wake of an official visit to…

SE Europe Faces Financial Crisis Due to Rapid Credit Growth

The countries of south-east Europe must take action over their rapid credit growth, high external deficits and dependence on foreign currency loans to reduce the risks of a financial crisis, an International…

EU Citizens Could Work Like State Employees in Bulgaria

Citizens of EU country-members, of countries, part of the agreement for European economy collaboration and Switzerland can now be appointed as state employees in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Imports Bulgarians with Green Card

Green card for Bulgarians abroad releases Bulgarian Government. The document gives right to 2 million compatriots abroad to work and live in Bulgaria. This is the new strategy for returning of ethnic…

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