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The State Takings Agency becomes a part of the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency

All obligations and amenabilities according to gathering of all kinds of public takings, together with safe-keeping and sale of confiscated goods from the State Takings Agency now shall be transferred…

Deputes shall arrange the social and health insurance installments for the Bulgarian medics from the Libya case

The social and health insurance rights of the five Bulgarian medics and the Palestinian doctor with Bulgarian citizenship - Ashraf al Hadzhudzh, who spent 8 years in a Libyan prison, shall be restored…

15 000 BGN fine for Bulgarian employer hiring without a labour contract

Employers who hire workers without contractual relations shall be fined with 15 000 BGN per each employee. At the present moment the current sanction for that kind of violation of the law is at the amount…

People Traffic Prevention, Counteraction and Victims’ Protection National Program was approved by the Bulgarian government

Amendments in the Criminal Code shall be proposed till the end of the year foreseeing criminalizing the conscious using of services of victims of human traffic. This legislative measure is a part of 2008…

Amendments in Bulgarian Commercial Act

Ministry of Justice has sent to all ministries project for amendments in the Commercial Act for further concordance. The amendments foreseen are proposed in order to diminish administrative burden for…

Bulgarian government approved program for Bulgarian participation in Council of Europe’s activities for 2008

National program for Bulgarian participation in international activities of the Council of Europe (CE) for 2008 was approved by the Government. The program is prepared in conformity with the proposals…

No medicine advertisement in Bulgaria

Lately approved amendments in the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine Act prohibit advertisement of medicines assigned by a doctor‘s prescription. The only exception is for licensed vaccination campaigns.…

”Make a change”campaign in Bulgaria

A climate change campaign was organised by Bulgarian representation in the European Commission (EC). Its purpose is to explain to society, especially the youth, how insignificant changes in our daily…

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