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Bulgaria - member of the newly founded Mediterranean Union

The idea for the Mediterranean Union belongs to French President Nicolas Sarcozy. The new international organization’s main purpose is to strengthen relationship in the Mediterranean region. The Union’s…

Bulgaria participates in the EU Intelligent Energy Project “BEHAVE”

Bulgaria is one of the 40 countries that take part in the EU Intelligent Energy project “BEHAVE” which is presented by the Agency for Energetic Efficiency (AEE). AEE’s executive director - Tasko…

Bulgaria supports the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum

EU Interior Ministers met on an informal conference in Cannes to discuss the French EU chairmanship proposals in matters of internal security. Bulgaria approves the approach of binding inner security…

New inner regulations in the Bulgarian Trade register

At the latest until 1st of September the Registry agency shall start working in the legally stipulated term of 14 days. The new regulations stipulate that the filed applications should be divided into…

15 000 BGN fine for a Bulgarian employer without labor contracts

15 000 BGN shall be paid by an employer if his employee hasn’t signed a labour contract with him. This was decided with the new Labour code amendments. There shall be sanctions if the work week is more…

Electronic Management Act in Bulgaria

The Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform has already sent official letters to all its administrations in the country for putting the act into practice. The Minister of State Administration…

Bulgarian men shall be allowed to have paternity leave

Amendments in the Labor Code and Social Insurance Code foresee that Bulgarian man will also be allowed to have paternity leave. The amendments are initiated by the Ministry of Labor. In that way fathers…

A new Bulgarian act stipulating that signs and tags should be written in the Roman alphabet

The Minister of State Administration and Administrative reform Nikolai Vasilev announced the creation of Transliteration of Bulgarian cities, geographic, cultural and history objects in the Roman alphabet.…

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