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Legal collaboration between Bulgaria and Germany

Bulgarian Minister of Justice Miglena Tacheva and her German counterpart Brigitte Zupris signed a mutual declaration due to collaboration between the two departments. The declaration is a renewal of an…

The State subsidy for Bulgarian parties shall be increased

Amendments in the Political Parties Act foresee triple increase of the state subsidy for political parties. A stipulation in the abovementioned bill is the prohibition of financing parties by juridical…

European Communication Center in Bulgaria

European Communication Center in Bulgaria The lack of practice in European funds’ assimilation was stated as a reason for founding a European Communication Center in Bulgaria. Main assignments of the…

Amendments in Bulgarian Medicinal Products Act

Deputies approved amendments in Medicinal Products in Human Medicine Act foreseeing that not only master pharmacists should be allowed to own pharmacies. Every physical or juridical person registered…

Bulgarian governmental budget policy discussion

Higher standard of life as well as better economic and competitive environment are some of the issues accentuated on a discussion due to Bulgarian governmental budget policy. Bulgarian Prime Minister…

Mandatory registration for non-banking lenders in Bulgaria

Amendments in financial institutions’ legislation foreseen will make registration with the central bank obligatory for all companies providing financial services including lending or leasing. At the…

Gender equality in Bulgaria

A National Encouragement Plan for Gender Equality in Public Health, Education and Employment was recently approved by the Bulgarian Ministry Council. The program’s aim is to unite authorities’ efforts…

“Defend Your Labour Rights” campaign starts in Bulgaria

New proposals for amendments in the Labour Code were announced on a special campaign with the idea of labour rights reinforcement. The campaign was initiated together by the Bulgarian Prime-Minister Sergey…

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