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The 3 year term for a divorce by mutual consent drops off

Divorce by mutual consent will be possible any time now and not after 3 years of marriage as ruled before in the old Family Code. If having a divorce by mutual consent the spouses are not obliged to proof…

The government voted abolition for the Duty free-shops

The members of the Parliament voted changes in the Free Zone Trade Act. The duty free-shops and gas stations on the Bulgarian borders with Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia will be closed. They will stay open…

The Parliament shall ratify the Treaty of Lisbon

The National Assembly shall discuss the bill of ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. The contract foresees creating institutions of a President of the EU and a Minister of Exterior. The document shall…

The Government submits for ratification two agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for improvement of the justice system in Bulgaria

The Government endorsed the signed on the 19th of September, 2007 agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for extradition and legal help in criminal cases and offered the National Assembly to ratify them.…

The state shall guarantee 100% of students credits

The main problem complicating the credit is the amount of state deposit guarantee/warranty. According to the Ministry Of Education's proposal the amount of state guarantee should be 100%. In the…

New improvement in the Trade registry procedures – option for online payment of the obligatory state taxes

The Registry agency announced that users of the information system of the Registry agency shall have the opportunity to pay the due taxes online as filing the application from 08.04.2008. For that clients…

Changes in the Trade Register Act shall ease the registration and re-registration procedures

The Government approved the bill of Change and Addition of the Trade register Act. It should elaborate some law provisions which shall ease the bureaucratic registry procedures. The bill represents proposals…

Bulgarian Solicitor’s services with included VAT

Bulgarian Solicitor’s and Notary’s services will be taxable with 20 %, the Parliament has decided as re-voting a text in the new VAT bill. The motif behind that is harmonization and synchronizing…

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