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Bulgaria - member of the newly founded Mediterranean Union
Last update: 2008-07-18 05:16:38

Bulgaria - member of the newly founded Mediterranean Union

The idea for the Mediterranean Union belongs to French President Nicolas Sarcozy. The new international organization's main purpose is to strengthen relationship in the Mediterranean region. The Union's field includes problems as: immigration, pollution, regional peace.
Members (43) of the Mediterranean Union are all EU state-members, countries from North Africa and from the Arabian region. Its territory extends over West Europe to the Jordanian desert. Its entire population amounts at 756 million people. The only country that refused to belong to the Union was Libya with the argument that it is set to be a new colonialism organization.
The first object of the Union is to help achieving cessation of hostilities in the Near East. In specificity the Union is going to work on reconciling Israel with the Arabian world, improvement of the relationship between Greece and Turkey, Alger and Morocco.
Furthermore, there are going to be worked out some projects to solve immigration, environmental problems and matters regarding collaboration in the defensive and educational sphere.

Skeptics claim that the new organization will hardly succeed to start working in the way that Nicolas Sarcozy has planned. They say it will probably stay ineffective because of its practical lack of mechanism forcing its members to take definite decisions and so it's just a new forum of problem discussions. Besides, it's not yet clear what would be the Union's approach in achieving its aim to take peace negotiations in the Near East to a successful end.


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