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The Notary chamber in Bulgaria

On 12th of April, 2008, the Notary chamber organized the first “Opened notary days” in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Rousse, Pleven, Lovech and Gabrovo. Since…

Supreme Cassation Procurator’s Office in Bulgaria

The Supreme Cassation Procurator’s Office shall not ask for Bruxelles’s cooperation for investigation of the scandal in Ministry of Interior, announced the Procurator General of Bulgaria Boris Velchev.…

Up to 4 years work in the EU institutions

Bulgarian state employee could work in the European institution no longer than 4 years as the Parliament passed the Government official act’s amendments on second readings. For the period of work in…

All sole proprietors’ income with legal acknowledged expense

Natural persons, registered as sole proprietors, pay legally recognized capital gain tax on their incomes coming from their subsidiary activities as announced by the National Revenue agency. The Instruction…

The Parliament passed changes in the Forestry Act

The Parliament drastically increased the fines for non-observance of the order in procedures for changing the function of forests. The violators shall pay fines from 3 000 to 15 000 BGN when until now…

Amendments in the Road Traffic Act

Amendments in the Road Traffic Act passed on today’s vote in the Parliament shall be promulgated in the State Gazette next week. The amendments concern the so called replacement payments. The concessioner…

Change bureaus shall register in the National Revenue agency from April 1st

From April 1st change bureaus shall register at the National Revenue Agency. Change bureaus were previously registered at the Financial investigation agency. The alteration is caused by the amendments…

Public council improves the Trade register

Several business organizations united and founded a Public council for company registration to work together and try to improve the Trade register administration as announced yesterday by the Bulgarian…

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