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Bulgarian Registry Agency
Last update: 2008-03-14 10:41:13

One of the newest changes concerning the Bulgarian trade legislation is the establishing of a centralized Bulgarian Registry Agency. The agency’s trade register started functioning on form the 01.01.2008 as an endeavor of the Bulgarian government to centralize and simplify the Bulgarian company formation procedures.

The Registry Agency is an executive agency to the Minister of Justice, providing its services according to the Law on Cadastre and Property Register, Statute Entries Book, RA Organizational Statute, and other pertinent Bulgarian legislation.

Registry Agency consists of General Administration and Specialized Administration.

It is led by the following principles while providing services:

• Legality for seeking and receiving administrative services;
• Equal rights and opportunities to everyone;
• Timeliness and equity;
• Transparency, reliability and completeness;
• Information rights protection;
• Personal information protection;
• Avoiding discrimination and Conflict of interests.
‘Registry Offices’ Activity
“Registry Offices” perform the following activities:
• entries ;
• marks and deletions ;
• Verbal inquiries services ;
• Certificates and copies .

The request, for accomplishment the above mentioned activities, is rendered through written request to the Judge Registrar only in the Registry Office upon property location.

Types of Entries

1. Real properties entry acts;
2. Claim entry requests and enactment decisions to them ;
3. Mortgages entry and pledges entry according to the Law on Special Pledges ;
4. Entry and deletion on foreclosures and other securities.
Written Request has to be submitted for:
a ) Notary deed – only the Notary who executed this Deed has to submit the written request;
b ) All other Deeds – from the participants included into this Deed, the Notary or person having interest to this entry;
Written Request must contain the following attributes:
a ) Description of the Deed that will be entered;
b) Description of the property;
c ) The right data about the property owner/owners;
d ) Content description of the attached documents.
To your Written Request mandatory has to be attached:
а) Document for paid state fee;
b ) Documents included into your Written Request.
If your Written Request does not contain any of these necessary requisites or does not attach the above mentioned documents, it will not receive Registry Office’s register number and will not be proceed further – until it is not corrected.


Verbal Inquiries

Verbal Inquiries are submitted upon Verbal or written request made by everybody Certificates
Written inquiries consist of issuing Certificates about entries, marks or deletions, as well as Certificates about copies or statements on existing entries, marks or deletions made on books or personal lots.

Certificates (written enquiries) are issued upon written request submitted to the “Registry Offices”.

Types of Certificates

1. Personal Certificate – are entries, marks and deletions inscribe to one person or several persons .
The written request for issuing Personal Certificate must contain:
а) name, forename and family name; personal address and personal No. (ЕГН) related to the inquiry. If does not have personal No., place and date of birth has to be included;
b) BULSTAT and company name; the Court, volume number and register lot under which the company has been signed for trading if the person is a sole trader. And if it is a legal person, name, type of organization and address has to be appointed together with BULSTAT and company name;
2. Property Certificate – in this document all entries, marks and deletions made up to now are presented or certify that does not have any.
This Written Request for issuing Property Certificate must contain:
а) personal data appointed above about related inquiry and others entitled to;
b) detail real property description – address, municipality and at least three boundaries.
c) copy of ownership act together with receipt for paid state fee – 5 lv. have to be attached
d) for properties that are PFO (property-family ownership), inquiries have to be submitted by both spouses
3. Defined-time Certificate – It contains only entries and marks made on personal lots with defined period appointed at the issued Written Request.
For issuing Defined-time Certificate your Written Request must contain personal data (as in point 2 above) and the period for which will be asked.
“Copy” document is an official register act’s copy that is stored at the relevant “Registry Office”. Copy documents are issued only to act’s participants.
(1) “Registry Offices” are issuing copies and statements based on existing entries, marks and deletions made on books or from personal lots.
(2) Copies and Statements are issued upon personal written request.
(3) With Copies receipt for paid fee has to be submitted – 2 lv. for first page and 1 lv. on next on pages.

The Registry Agency’s Administrative Legal Services and Human Resources Directorate consists of two departments - Administrative Legal Services Department and Human Resources, Protocol and Public Relations Department.

The Department of Administrative Legal Services provides legal advice and administrative services to the Agency units the “Registry Offices”; gives standpoints about produced legal acts, represent the Agency policy, and acts in drafting the Legal base of the RA.

The department of Human Resources, Protocol and Public Relations is responsible for whole human resources management process from selecting and employing staff to estimating staff performance through organizing training programs and further increasing their professional qualification .

The Directorate also is in charge of all workflow / document-management activity, PR campaigns, contacts with media, protocols, works meetings, symposia, seminars, and etc.

The Registry Agency’s Financial-Economic Activities and Property Management Directorate consists of two departments - Financial and Economic Activities Department and Property Management, International Projects and Public Procurement Department

The Department of Financial and Economics Activities is chaired by Head of the Department – the General Accountant. The expected staff capacity is 10 persons. The main activity is connected with preparation of annual budget plan for the Agency, providing financial-accounting services, budget implementation, organizing inventory, and issuing enquiries related to the department activity.

The Department of Property Management, International Projects and Public Procurement is chaired by Head of the Department . The expected staff capacity is 11 persons. The main activity is connected with providing technical and office equipment – spare parts, stocks availability, consumables, furniture, etc. and dealing with public procurement and projects organization.

The Registry Agency’s Information Services and Technologies Directorate (ISTD) consists of two departments - Information Projects and Methodology Department and Information Infrastructure and Support Department

The main tasks of ISTD are related with:

• implementation of the main Agency activities related to the Law on the Cadastre and Property Register ;
• developing and maintaining the Bulgarian IT Judiciary Strategy, management of PHARE 2002 / 2003 Projects ;
• development, implementation and support of IT systems for assuring smooth running of the Bulgarian Judiciary System ;
• building up and supporting the infrastructure of the Bulgarian IT Judiciary System;
The Directorate organizes the development, implementation and smooth running of the IT systems and infrastructure in the Agency. It also acts in development, coordination and supporting of etalons and classifications for information exchange within the Bulgarian Judiciary System .

In additional the Directorate develops, co-ordinates and supports a unified methodology for realization of information projects for the Bulgarian Judiciary system - procedures, documentations and criteria for selecting contractors for implementation of new IT systems , developing, implementation and supporting of applicational software, delivery of standard software and technical equipment, and etc; managing and coordinating the implementation and maintenance of infrastructure assuring IT activity; providing a unified approach for developing and supporting this infrastructure. It also provides the conformity of the Bulgarian IT Judiciary System with the requirements of EU and Bulgarian government information policy.

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