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New requirements for visa declarations in Bulgaria

New legalization procedure of the invitation-declarations for a short-stay visa emission due to a foreigner’s private visit foresees a Ministry Council’s Decree. The place where foreigners should…

Associations of owners according to the Bulgarian Common Shares Property Act will not allow owners to leave the association

Apartment owners in a building who have candidated for EU funded repairs or reconstruction works will not be allowed to leave the association made for that purpose. If an apartment is sold the buyer will…

Bulgaria entered top 10 for countries reformers

Bulgaria is in the club of the most successful rising markets in the world for the decrease of tax burdens and creating good conditions for development of the private sector. Together with 6 more countries…

The European Commission shall decide whether to unblock the frozen financial recourses for Bulgaria under the SAPARD program

The European Commission shall decide whether to unblock the frozen financial resources for Bulgaria under the SAPARD program in a few weeks. The commission’s spokesman for agricultural matters - Michael…

Russian expert: Bulgaria is most profitable for real estate investments

Bulgaria is one of the most profitable countries in Europe for real estate investments according to the proportion between price and quality and the annual real estate price increase, a Russian expert…

The Parliament shall ratify the Treaty of Lisbon

The National Assembly shall discuss the bill of ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. The contract foresees creating institutions of a President of the EU and a Minister of Exterior. The document shall…

The Government submits for ratification two agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for improvement of the justice system in Bulgaria

The Government endorsed the signed on the 19th of September, 2007 agreements between Bulgaria and the USA for extradition and legal help in criminal cases and offered the National Assembly to ratify them.…

The Parliament discussed decrease of the VAT for medicines

The National Assembly discussed on today’s session on first readings two bills proposing changes in the Value Added Tax Act which stipulate decrease of the VAT for medical goods. Now the tax stake on…

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