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Amendments in the Notaries and Notary Activity Act stipulate that all notary transfers of properties in Bulgaria from January 2010shall be paid entirely via bank transfer

This was been announced by the government press service. The amendments are intended to stop money laundering and to counter real estate fraud. If the amendments are passed it will be required both the…

The Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water is preparing amendments in the environmental acts

The Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water found a solution how to improve the organization of the administration`s work so that all the problems of companies, citizens and non-profit organization…

The Bulgarian Fund for guaranting of bank deposits will be obliged to pay twice as fast as prevous year

The Bulgarian Parliament passed on first hearings amendments to the Guarantee of bank deposits Act. The term in which the fund shall pay depositors the guaranteed amount of deposits in the bank is reduced…

The Bulgarian National Assembly Passed the Amendments in the Social Insurance Code

The Bulgarian National assembly passed on first and second readings the amendments in the Social Insurance Code. According to the amendments the voluntary pension insurance companies shall be permitted…

Bulgaria retains its popularity among the British buyers of real estates

According to a research made from the real estate site Property Abroad on the world`s most popular destinations the popularity of the Bulgarian market of real estates retains its positions among the British…

The Bulgarian National Assembly passed the amendments in the Stimulation of the Investments Act

According to the amendments, passed from the Bulgarian National Assembly in the Stimulation of the Investments Act, the limits for investors` certificates decreased twice. Investments category A, profiting…

The Bulgarian National assembly is discussing a new bill for abolishment of the penalty interests for pro-term payment of mortgage loans in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National assembly accepted the bill for abolishment of the penalty interests for before schedule payment of mortgage loans. According to the European bank laws in cases of pro-term payback…

The new Bulgarian Regulations on Condominium Management, Order and Supervision Act shall become enforceable from 1st of May, 2009

From 1st of May, 2009, the owners of more than 75 % ideal shares of the common parts of a building or cooperation are given the right to expel a neighbor, who periodically breaks the common order in the…

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