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The new Bulgarian Regulations on Condominium Management, Order and Supervision Act shall become enforceable from 1st of May, 2009

From 1st of May, 2009, the owners of more than 75 % ideal shares of the common parts of a building or cooperation are given the right to expel a neighbor, who periodically breaks the common order in the…


The Bulgarian Government will discuss and vote the bill for increase of the notary taxes at the regular session of the National Assembly. The size of the most common notary service – notarizing the…

New discussion for the preliminary pay off of Bulgarian consumer loans

After the Parliament passed amendments in the Consumers’ Loans Act a lot of discussions and opinions were provoked. The decline of the preliminary liquidation tax for consumers’ loans /for loans before…

Deputies raised the guarantee for deposit in Bulgarian bank up to € 50 000

Bulgarian members of parliament passed the bill for amendment of the Guarantee of bank deposits Act on first readings. Two of the three proposed bills were approved for discussions. One of the amendments…

European standard shall regulate Bulgarian real estate agencies

Within 6 months term shall be passed a unified European standard regulating real estate agencies. Bulgaria as a member- state of the European Union shall also be obliged to engage with the European requirements…

Parental rights shall be deprived if a Bulgarian parent holds kids from school

Parents who stop their children from going to school shall be deprived of their parental rights. The Ministry of Education is working on the bill and preparation of a new School Education Act. This type…

Bulgaria is a preferred destination for investment and corporate mergers

According to an auditors company’s research Bulgaria and Romania are on the fourth place in a list with the most attractive destinations for investment. They are also on the fifth position in a list…

Bulgaria signs six gratuitous finance agreements

Vice-Minister - Meglena Plugchieva and Minister of Economics and Energetic – Petar Dimitrov will represent Bulgaria on the official ceremony signing six gratuitous finance agreements at the amount of…

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