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A new project prepared by the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office
Last update: 2008-07-11 09:12:14

A new project prepared by the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office

A new Prosecutor's Office project called "Prosecutor's office face to face with society" was presented to a press conference. The project's costs are about 53 000 BGN. It was executed by the "Journalist Against Corruption" club in partnership with the Prosecutor's Office.

The project regards the necessity of collaboration between public, nongovernmental organizations and the Prosecutor's Office. The project's activity is divided into three modules. The first is dedicated to informing the public of the Prosecutor's Office's functions and competence. The second one is related to speakers' tuition and the third one's aim is to organize a discussion on Penal Procedure Code's appliance.

It is believed that Bulgarian citizens are not properly informed about the Prosecutor's Office's work. As a result such misinformation has a negative effect and therefore the new project shall be very useful.

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