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Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property? How is it regulated on the territory of Bulgaria and in its EU partner countries legal interactions?

Put briefly it is an intangible property asset. This covers a whole range of matters from software to literature and art.

What can you do if someone is using your ideas? How do you protect your intellectual property?

There are specific ways to safeguard software applications, the written word, inventions, designs and distinctive marks used in business.
Advances in technology, globalisation, the Internet, the expansion of the European Union, the emergence of the Asian markets, and a host of other factors have combined to push intellectual property, the bundle of laws that aim to protect innovation, creativity and/or reputation, to the forefront of commercial activity and corporate decision-making. In order to adapt to these dynamic developments, intellectual property has had to evolve.

As such, at a national and international level, the challenge facing the owners of intellectual property is multi faceted. You must identify what rights are available to you; how to secure such rights; how best to exploit the rights; and how to deal effectively with those who may threaten your intellectual property.

We can help you with:

  • software protection
  • trade name protection
  • protection for inventions
  • patent & IP litigation
  • IP securitisation
  • licences and collaborative agreements
  • domain name disputes
  • trade mark & design prosecution
  • I.T. Projects
  • database & data protection
  • sports, merchandising

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