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We distinguish ourselves as a full-service practice

We distinguish ourselves as a full-service practice based on an in-depth knowledge of the Bulgarian environmental laws and regulations and provide legal support for companies in various industries and spheres of business focusing on environmental regulations that might impact on their activities.

We distinguish ourselves as a full-service practice on the regulatory and administrative framework for environmental issues, obtaining licences and permits, preparing and obtaining government approvals for corporate environmental safety plans, and reimbursement for environmental damage, and of providing legal support to clients in the course of environmental compliance inspections conducted by government authorities.

We render legal services on a wide range of environmental issues, in particular, in the spheres of:

  • construction
  • industrial operations
  • supply and transportation issues
  • land, subsoil, forest, water and other natural resources use and protection;
  • air pollution
  • sanitary and other safety zones
  • specially protected areas
  • continental shelf development
  • resolution of various legal issues arising from projects impacting the environment

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