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Bulgarian Regulations on Condominium Management, Order and Supervision

Approved under Council of Ministers Decree No. 1486/1951, promulgated, Izvestiya No. 101/18.12.1951, effective 17.12.1951, amended and supplemented, Izvestiya No. 16/22.02.1952, Nos. 14/15.02.1957, 32/19.04.1957,…

Bulgarian Ownership Act

Promulgated Izv No. 92/16.11.1951, effective 17.12.1951, amended and supplemented, SG No. 12/11.02.1958, amended, SG No. 90/8.11.1960, SG No. 99/20.12.1963, supplemented, SG No. 26/30.03.1973, amended…

Bulgarian Cadastre and Property Register Act

Promulgated SG No. 34/25.04.2000, effective 1.01.2001; amended SG No. 45/30.04.2002, amended SG No. 99/22.10.2002, amended and supplemented SG No. 36/30.04.2004, amended, SG No. 39/10.05.2005, effective…

Bulgarian Agricultural Land Ownership and Use Act

Promulgated State Gazette No. 17/01.03.1991, Corrected, SG No. 20/12.03.1991, amended and supplemented, SG No. 74/10.09.1991, amended, SG No. 18/2.03.1992, amended and supplemented, SG No. 28/3.04.1992,…